Our Process

Starting your project is simple as booking your Zoom meeting, showing up and watching as your website is developed on your screen in real-time. Most smaller websites of 5 pages or less can be built in a single 1 hour session. You will receive a fully functional fast and mobile-optimized website. Our websites will help you out perform your competition. Each website is responsive with mobile, tablet, and desktop versions and is search engine optimized.

Optimized WordPress Website Development

We provide all the support you need to launch your online business quickly and easily.

Advanced Features

Your website can include customizations such as e-commerce, membership sites, SEO, blogs, and more.

Content Writing

Building a great website requires a great design and well written content. Let us craft your content for you.

Turn-Key Website

Don’t know where to start? No problem. Tell us about your company and let us take care of the rest.

Our Web Development Process is Unique.


If what you need is a unique website that no one else has then our service is right for you. We will develop and launch a blazing-fast website that will be designed and coded to match your project’s unique needs and requirements. No more compromises or weeks spent on finding a competent developer: you will get a site that looks and works exactly as you want.

Working with our clients in real-time allows us to ensure each and every project comes out looking exactly as was intended. Typically the process of developing a website is slowed down by lengthy emails being sent back and forth, phone calls, and missed phone calls. This process is not only lengthy but presents great challenges as client and developer struggle to convey thoughts, graphics, and ideas back and forth.

Most small 5 page business websites take just 1 hour to set up!

By working in in real-time we are able to compress the timeline by having you “in the room” while we build over Zoom screenshare. No more waiting days or weeks for back and forth emails and phone calls. Real-time development means real-time results. This helps us distill what would otherwise have taken several months, down to a single set of sessions that may take only a matter of hours.


Book Your Online Meeting


The website will be created using mobile responsive design. This ensures your websites will load equally well on desktops, tablets, and smartphones alike.

Premium Security

Add security features such as virus & malware scans, nightly backups, and website hardening helps keep your digital property safe and secure.

Great Support

Even if you haven’t worked with a web developer before, our real-time development process makes launching your website quick & easy.

Web Design Made Simple

The process of getting your flawless website is simple and straightforward. Simply book your Zoom meeting in the South Beach Geek online calendar and show up for your appointment. The entire project will be developed right on your screen using Zoom screenshare. If you have feedback or suggestions, you’ll be able to offer those during your session.

Real-Time Solutions

Most of the frustration that surrounds launching your website has little to do with the technical challenges. Many design agencies have lengthy intake processes and endless correspondences that must be made before the first draft is produced. This is completely unnecessary. We offer real-time development of your website over Zoom, it’s quick and efficient.