Setting up a clean and professional looking website has never been easier.

A Great Web Design Company

It’s really important that your website represent your business in a positive light. Professional looking websites help companies look trustworthy, organized, and well established. Poorly developed websites makes you look untrustworthy and disorganized. Finding the right company to build your website is extremely important. Most web design companies lack the creative imagination and the business experience to build a professional looking website.

SBG has been building first class websites for over 10 years. In fact, if you browse the South Beach Geek web design services page on you’ll find hundreds of web design reviews. These reviews were left by business owners from over 40 countries. Clients left their testimonial after their website was completed and all testimonials were 100% voluntary, unsolicited, and non of the clients were paid to leave a review.



Does your web developer act like an automotive mechanic? Are they quoting you ridiculous prices just because they can? Most web developers abuse the fact that their clients don’t understand how much a project should cost. In fact most web development agencies and freelancers will attempt to overcomplicate projects just so they can charge you more.

A common practice is to overwhelm clients with so many technical words and details that the website project appear to be much more difficult and time consuming. What this actually does is allows these companies to drag your project out for weeks and even months. Billing clients you for endless hours while you hope and pray that your budget doesn’t run out.


Our approach is different. Our “subscription based” business model helps builds a long term business relationship. This allows us to offer first class services at a reasonable price. We don’t charge by the hour, each project is based on a single flat monthly fee. This monthly fee covers the design work, development, hosting, email setup, on-page SEO, and all other vital aspects of setting up a successful website. This allows our clients to focus on their building their business without having to constantly check their budget.

Website Design

All-Inclusive Packages

Each website comes with hosting, seo, admin panel / cms, and more. We’ll set everything up for you so that you can relax and focus on what matters most — your business.

Lifetime Support

One Low Monthly Fee

Never worry about expensive hourly fees. Your monthly fee gives you access to lifetime support and consultation. This provides the support you need to grow your business.

World-Class Security

Web Security Guaranteed

Your website is fully protected and secured against hacking attempts from fraudulent and malicious website visitors. Website security is a top priority.


Setting up your website is easy, just fill out the simple form below.

Terms of Service: Websites that include gambling, adult material, or any illegal schemes will not be serviced and your funds will be returned to you. For all other website projects your website fee will be $35/month. Your billing cycle will start on the day of the month which you make payment. Your monthly rate of $35/month will not increase and you are guaranteed this rate for life, even if we chose to increase the monthly rate on the South Beach Geek website. You are guaranteed the monthly rate of $35/month will not increase and there will be no additional hidden fees or charges. If you choose to de-activate your plan then your website will remain active until the end of your current monthly billing cycle. Your website plan will go offline on the last day of your most recently paid billing cycle. You will have 30 days from the end of your billing cycle to re-activate your plan before your website is removed from our servers. To avoid loss of services make sure that proper funds are available in the account used to make payment.

Still unsure? Browse 100s of reviews left by real clients.