Most web designers charge at least $40 per hour. But what if you could hire a professional web designer from the USA for less than $0.11 cents per hour. Sure it sounds too good to be true! Perhaps I should take a moment to explain a little further...

"I understand your needs (and frustrations) that's why I put together this painless, simple and affordable payment plan to help you get the website you need."

You know it wasn't that long ago that I was charging people $1,000, $2,000 or even $5,000 dollars and more for these websites! Sure not everyone could afford a website at that price. But I'll be honest with you, at the time I didn't really care. Enough people could afford the services I provided that I could justify shutting out hundreds of people who just couldn't afford a seat at the table. So what happened?


Assisting a company with their product launch in Salt Lake City, Utah accompanied by Miss Vermont 2014.

I had a realization that by increasing the number of people I was providing my services to I would also increase the number of people who were looking for my services. Did you know that word of mouth is still (after all these years) the #1 form of marketing? The stories are true. Word of mouth is bigger now than ever before. With social websites like Facebook, Twitter, if you don't have people talking about you then you are missing out big!

If You Think Word of Mouth Marketing is Dead, You Are Dead Wrong!

I realized that people were going to talk about my services. Whether I liked it or not word of mouth marketing was going to be the foundation of my business. In fact it hit me really hard when I realized people were already talking about my services. You see my clients (the 2% who could afford my rates) were raving about how amazing my services were. While the 98% who couldn't afford my services were all complaining about how expensive and "unaffordable" my services were.

So let's just get this straight, I was getting negative PR from people who had never even used my services in the first place. This is when I realized something had to be done. I realized that if I could figure out a way to turn everyone into a client then according to my math, everyone should be sharing with their friends the same positive feedback.

But how could I create a formula where I could offer my Web Design services to everyone? I needed to price my services so that virtually anyone with a wallet and two pennies to rub together would be able to become a client. The only thing really stopping anyone from signing up with my web design services was the cost. So I decided to make an offer that absolutely nobody could reject.



So this is how the 11 cent per hour web designer was born. Rather than charging a flat upfront fee in the thousands of dollars I decided to price each website at the low monthly rate of just 17.95/month. This monthly rate would be the only fee that they would be charged. No setup fee and no hidden fees in the future. If during the course of the month you need anything simply contact me and I'll help you out. You're already covered and you don't have to worry about being billed anything other than your monthly fee.

Other web developers would charge you $40/hour for this service regardless of what kind of help you needed. Some would start billing you as soon as they picked up the phone. This quickly becomes prohibitively expensive and it ends up creating a negative relationship between client and developer. This does not lead to positive reviews and it certainly does not lead to powerful "Word of Mouth" marketing that we value so much.

You can contact me any time Monday through Friday any day of the month. This is like having a full-time web developer on staff ready to assist you. That's 160 hours of web developer power at your finger tips each and every month. Imagine how much it would cost to have a web developer on call at $40/hr for 160 hours a month.

My pricing model:
0.11c * 160 hours (4 standard work weeks) = 
$17.95 per month


Everyone else's pricing model:
$40/hr * 160 hours = $6,400 (total cost to build your website)

I'll tell you most web developers couldn't even offer you this pricing model if they wanted to. Why is that? Because they are so darn slow! They charge you a lot of money because the truth is they spend all day long struggling to get things to come out right. Probably they have just finished high school or college and have built a few sample projects, but the truth is they are still just students learning their craft. They are still in the frustrating learning stage and this causes problems for them as well as you. Guess who they bill for this wasted time? You. Guess who ends up suffering as a result of their inexperience? You.

When I build a website for a client I am betting my entire livelihood on the quality of my work. That's because this isn't a hobby for me this is a profession and one that I've spent over a decade fine-tuning. I don't need to inflate the value of my services by pretending that it will take me 6 weeks to build you a phenomenal website.

I will build you a website that will bring you more compliments than you've ever had before and I don't think you'll care whether it took me 10 weeks or 10 days to do it. I'm able to work quickly because of my years of experience. Because of this I realized that actually I was able to offer much more service to far more people than I was allowing myself to reach.



I am an expert at building websites that get noticed, but I'm also a veteran web developer and I know the costs involved in building a website. It's not incredibly expensive but it does cost some money (and some time) to develop a website. I needed to strike a balance between my potential clients budgets and the costs of running my own web design business.


A snowy walk through the woods just in time to see the sunrise. I think this is a great way to start the day.

I turned the tables and decided to assume all project risk. Now we've gone over the basic math so that you could understand how my services work. The 17.95 a month pricing model includes everything that you will need to launch a successful website project. You're spending literally about .11 cents per hour for full-time access to my services right at your finger tips and at no additional cost.

Virtually everything has been accounted for within your project:

  • Web Hosting
  • Custome Website Design
  • Unlimited E-mails
  • Website Support
  • Image Galleries, YouTube Video
  • Website Music Player
  • Personal or Business Blogs

  • Website Traffic Generation
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Network Buttons
  • Unlimited Website Pages
  • Custom Logo Design
  • Expert Business Consulting
  • ...and so much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to easily edit my website once it is completed? Absolutely. Your website will come with a username and password which you will be able to use to log into your website any time of the day from your computer, laptop, tablet or even your smart phone. This will allow you to make changes to text or add images and video. You'll even be able to add or delete pages with just the click of a button if you want.

What if I make a mistake and delete something by accident? Everyting on your website is backed up automatically so if you make a mistake and accidently delete a page or change some text that's not a problem. Just contact me and I can help you "roll back" your website to a previous point in time. Your website is indestructable and you cannot break it, so enjoy it and have fun with it.

Will my website show up in the search engines? Yes your website will be optimized to give search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others exactly what they want. Depending on how long ago you purchased your domain name it may take a little time for Google to update it's database to include your website but you can be confident that your website is built using all the special parts and pieces that search the engines love.

Can you set me up with an e-mail address that has my domain name in it? Yes your website comes with an e-mail address. You can choose anything you want as an e-mail address for your domain. For example if your name is John and your website is then you could use the e-mail address this would direct all mail sent to that address straight to you. You could also choose or it's really up to you. There is no limit to the number of e-mail addresses you are allowed to have. But you must own the domain name for the e-mail address you are requesting to have setup.

What if I already have hosting can I use my own hosting? All websites come with their own hosting plan so there is no need to host with any other company. This would be an unnecessary expense and if you have already paid for hosting somewhere else it is suggested that you check their refund policy request a refund from them. Hosting is included with your 17.95/month website plan.


I grew up in the United States in the state of Vermont. A state filled with majestic hiking trails and swimming holes.

I already know what kind of website I want can you create it for me? Yes if you have a good idea of what website you want just make sure to describe it when setting up your plan (below) and I'll make sure to use that information when build your website.

Can I sell products and accept credit cards on my website? Yes you have the option of accepting payments through your website. Each website comes with the power to process credit cards and to have those payments sent to you either through PayPal or a list of other merchant providers. So you can sell products and services through your website.

What happens if I cancel my payment or am late on making a payment? Staying up to date on your website payments is just as important as staying up to date on any other monthly payment like electricity, cell phone, car insurance, or rent. If a payment is late and no notice is given then your website will be temporarily deactivated. If you know that you are going to be late on a payment and you give me fair notice I can give you some extra time to catch up on your payment. If you cancel your payment plan then your website will also be cancelled. Please keep in mind that you are getting access to a $6,400 dollar value for just 17.95 and while you do own the website, the service must be paid on time in order to remain online.

Note: It would take you over 30 years to pay off the total value of your website. That means that at 17.95 per month it would take about 30 years before you would have spent the retail value of $6,400 dollars.

Do you offer websites built on WordPress if requested? If you would like your website to be built on WordPress then yes. You can have a custom designed website or if you have a particular template you'd like to use we can use that as well.


A website template is simply a fancy way of saying a "pre-built" website where all you need to do is add your photos, videos, and text to the website. This is sometimes an easy way for people to feel a little more secure with the website they are going to have designed. Themes work really well for some people and they don't work at all for other people.


On top of the world (or uhm, mountain) with my buddies visiting me in Stowe, VT all the way from Germany.

If you are more interested in making actual sales then a theme is probably not for you. However if you enjoy the design process and want to make sure that the website you get looks exactly the way you want then a theme may be just what you need. Are you detail oriented or a perfectionist? I'll be honest with you, perfectionists are some of web developers most interesting clients. That's not necessarily a bad thing, we web developers are usually perfectionists ourself as well. But we have learned that it is important to be willing to test our designs with a real audience so we can get feedback and make improvements based on that feedback.

"By default all of the websites I build are going to be custom designed. The only time a website template will be used is if a website template is specifically requested by you."

When the only person giving us feedback is ourselves we run the risk of endlessly fixing what never needed to be fixed in the first place. The truth is that most websites if structured properly will bring you the results that you want, whether they are boosting customer experience, generating sales or leads. It's important that we like the website that we have designed, but it is even morme important that our visitors like your website as well.


Always capturing the moment on camera. Especially when it is sunrise or sunet in South Beach Miami.


Each review listed below was pulled from a real client. The list of reviews spans 300+ clients from 28 countries. Every review is available on the website over the past several years and is publicly available.

Work ethic is huge when dealing with people from around the world. People who you aren't able to interact with in person need you to pay special attention to how you communicate with them. When I first offered this special pricing for my services I knew that it would draw in a lot of attention. But just as fast as new projects come in they can leave as well. That's why I put great care into customer satisfaction and communication.

WOW!! What an AWESOME service!! SBG is truly a pleasure to work with. He got me an absolute exceptional website. He was very patient with my inexperience and answered all of my questions quickly and didnt deliver the product until it was exactly how i wanted it. He has just become my go to guy! A+++
Excellent work! On time, and you understood exactly what I was looking for, even though I didn't know exactly how to communicate it. Definitely reccommending this seller!
Completed as requested with extras - beyond expectations
This Guy "southbeachgeek" is amazing!!! I love, love, love my website for my Spa. He was very quick, professional and communicated well. I recommend him to everyone to have your website created : )


Enjoying time out in Colorado visiting my little sister and learning how to wake board for the first time.

WOW! I have worked with MANY on other sites who have cost a person "an arm an a leg" for the kind of service "not services" that the SOUTHBEACHGEEK has afforded me and my family! When times are "Challenging" We need people who are willing to give others a helping hand...their "BEST!" Thanks!!!
Another awesome experience! Thanks once again, you always go above and beyond my expectations!
Great work again, thank you
Great job - make edits that was time consuming without asking for extra gig. Very patient and very helpful
Job was done as advertised. The platform for editing the site is a little slow and quirky, but it gets the job done. I am pleased with the value delivered.


I do have very large shoes to fill, the Grandson of a NASA scientist and a brilliant man George Pezdirtz.

Thank you so much for your expertise I am a satisfied customer.
Great seller, very accommodating!
Thanks,thanks a lot.
Great experience. He was responsive, caring and understanding. Great web designer. I am very impressed with his work. Will use his services again.
thank you. i will contact you for further information. I told about this with my sister and boss. they asked me to do websites for them too with you. so will contact soon.
Excellent.. All as promised.


At a glance it may be easy for you to just pass all these great reviews over. First I want to make sure that you understand each and every single one of these reviews was written by a real client who was not asked or rewarded for writing these reviews.

You can see any one of these reviews posted in it's original form on the website on my official SouthBeachGeek profile. There you can see all the users names who posted these reviews and follow up with them to verify yourself directly with the customer as to how their experience was working with me.

It is not easy work to generate this number of positive reviews. It is very hard work but it is work that is very much worth doing! When you develop your business, selling your product or service you will want to go the extra mile. Make sure to build relationships with every person you come into contact with and gather as much feedback as possible from your customers and clients.

Awesome work and great communications, will recommend
An extraordinary seller. Nothing but positive things to say. Was helped from beginning to end. Would recommend services to anyone. A++++++ seller. Thanks for all your help.
You always out do yourself !! Thanks for such great service !
I highly recommend SouthBeachGeek's services! I found him to be a consummate professional. He delivered on his work extremely quickly, and provided outstanding communication throughout the process.
I will keep sending people to him! Very professional and he makes updating so easy! Thank you, Thank you!
Great Job and fast!!


Hike to the top of Mount Elmore, Vermont. An amazing hike with a beautiful 360 panorama view at the lookout tower.

amazing looking site! thank you so much! easiley the best website building fiverr gig on here (iv used them all!) well done you pro!
What a great seller. Went above and beyond what I expected and delivered on time. What you get is worth way more than $5, I would definitely buy again.
Good job! Can you put my websites name where it says elist on the green circle? Ive been trying to add my name on it with the tag line and cant do it.
thanks great job !
hi thanks so so much, better than i expected i want more
Great work, looking forward to finish it together.
GREAT WORK! Seller was a pleasure to work with. He did exactly what I needed him to design and more. He integrated my logo beautifully and asked if I needed a hand with my domain name and hosting. I will definately be using your services again!! You are the COOLEST geek I know! A ++++++++++++++++
Great Job!! Thanks again!
I love this guy! Very professional and helpful. I am recommending him to everyone that I know that needs a website!!! I will be ordering another site for my friends very soon!!!! Thank you for holding my vision and putting it in a webform!


There are few things I enjoy more than spending time near the ocean, in the ocean or around the ocean.

This seller did a terrific job on my site and made it easy for me to manage it. He's very helpful and easy to talk to. Highly recommend! Thank you southbeachgeek!
Great service, quick and professional!
SBG always delivered quality websites and ahead of schedule. Thanks again!!
The South Beach Geek, never fails to deliver! He was able to accomplish my task within a couple hours! The form is working great, looks professional!! Amazing. Will definitely work with again, God willing.
Southbeachgeek does a good job and is easy to work with.
Awesome Experience! I highly recommend SBG for all your web design needs. Don't look anywhere else. This is the best value on Fiverr. Thanks again
Great guy to do deal with! Super Fast Speed and very professional! What a great value. Purchase with confidence. SBG is the real deal! Thanks a million


You haven't seen a sunrise until you've seen a sunrise in South Beach Miami, sharing this moment with my father.

Great job, again!
Excellent work as always and a highly recommended service!
Good communication, high quality work, thumb up!
Great Worker! Works hard to make the customer happy. Goes the extra step!
Thanks again for a doing another great looking website!!
Very very cool, I can't believe you made such an awesome site for only one gig. Order with ease!!! This guy is the real deal A+++



These clients who have left reviews about my freelance web design services are from all over the world. I will list the countries my clients are from at the bottom of this page. Each project was built and delivered to their satisfaction. They were so satisfied that they wanted to share this news with the world by providing public feedback of my services on the website where over 2 million service providers offer their services.

Customer satisfaction should always be your number 1 priority. This is true not only for paying customers but also for customers who want a refund or completely hate your services. If you allow someone to engage with you in business and they leave with a bad impression, they will pass that poor impression of you onto everyone they speak to. It is impossible to keep everyone happy all the time but by treating everyone as a valuable asset you'll limit your losses and maximize your gains.

I wanted to personally thank SBG for 1st the great work he did creating a new website for my wife. And 2nd even though there were some issues that needed to be resolved, together we able to work through them to achieve the results we wanted, we couldn't be more pleased.
100% Highly Recommend. Will order more gig. Thanks, jw
No question asked. Will order more gig. 100% Highly Recommend. Thanks
100% Highly Recommend. I had already 3 website built. One is running now but the other 2 is on process. Will order more gig asap. Thanks for your good service. No question asked. Thanks
Great Work!
Great service! Thank you!


One of those "Gone Fishing" days, in case of emergency please reach me on my cell phone.

Thanks you are always going above and beyond. Wow! Thanks again
Wow this page is awesome, The best yet. My customer will love it!! Great Job, Thanks, Mike
You're awesome! I love it. Thank you so much. I will definitely work with you again in the near future! Two thumbs up!
I'm still tweaking the website, might take a few days. Outstanding concept and great job. Love this gig and will definitely be back for more.
Experience was great. Delivered exactly what I wanted and on time. Will certainly use in future projects.
I love it. Thank you so much, this is my 2nd time using your services! A+++++
The website he created was very professional.
Another fantastic gig by sbg! Very patient and great to deal with even with all my questions! Thanks
I thank You so much , you have exceeded my expectations i will be using you again very shortly.Good Job !!
Great seller, very professional work!
SBGeek! Wonderful job!!! Fast, professional and very creative!!
Thanks for an awesome gig, which was received in a timely manner. Great job! Thanks


Spending time with my best friend out in Santa Barbara. He chose a truly beautiful place to live.

very nice work!!!!!!
i love the work i appreciate it i really need it and appreciate it
Cant Say enough how professional this service has been. Excellent at communications and understanding what I was asking for. Will buy from again and will refer others to him. Big Thx
Good fiverr
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he always follows through and helps out great seller
my favorite fiverr seller thank you
Amazing work - One of the best on fiverr
Awesome Stuff! Will keep coming back for more!
Great Job, Love the format
Cool this man gave me the tools I need to be in control for building a nice web page using a easy to use GUI interface. Thanks. Highly recommend.
I didn't get to say thank you. He really tries to give the customer what they ask for and need! Gina



Share the referrals and reviews that you have obtained from your past customers. Share these reviews with your potential customers so that they know they aren't in business with you alone. Make them aware that you are trusted by many.

Even if you are just starting out remember that there are always people watching on who enjoy your work and are ready to see you succeed. Tap into these people. It's very common to build a tribe of followers and these may not always be made up of just customers alone. Often times your tribe may consist of fans, friends, family, co-workers, and even competitors who admire your work.

I will say that I canceled my order with a huge website company to go this with this guy! He has delivered unrivaled professionalism and has answered every question I had. I had some crazy questions that would probably annoy some people but he answered them all. He is absolutely amazing!!TRUSTWORTHY
Thanks for the website. He delivered the website as promised. He also put in the content which was nice thanks.
great job, will order more jobs best fiverr gig I've order tks
Great Job as usual!!
this guy is the man. he does what he say he is going to do when he says he is going to do it its rare to find a quality Fiverr guy like this one Bravo South Beach Geek


At my first baseball game seeing the Dodgers play and I have to confess I had so much fun!

Sbg is the man!! Got us up and running in record time great design and patiently tweaked pages to our specs ! Highly recommended thanks sbg!
Wow, It looks amazing, He went over and about my expectations. Great Job. Love it!!!
I Love Love my website!!! Thank You
I had to tip this awesome seller !!!


If you're reading straight through this website then you may notice that certain points are emphasized. My goal is to help you be as successful as possible. Thankfully helping you succeed is something I know I can accomplish. By sharing my experiences of success online with you we can maximize your success as well. As your services start to gain attention it's important that you capture your successful customers feedback in any form possible. Whether it's handwritten, typed, e-mailed, video, photos or any other means of referral.

This guy is awesome. Thank you.
Excellent job - you continue to exceed my expectations - best gig on Fiverr
My site looks very good and professional. I will be using his services again.
Awesome southbeachgeek!!! Delivered fast, great communication. Well done
Excellent work - went above and beyond
Very quick and great insight regarding the possibilities for my website. I appreciate being able to gain this type of encouragement and expertise. Thanks


I am learning how to golf because it's important for web designers to spend time away from the computer.

OH IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you so much.
Great! I would use again :) Very happy with this! Keep up the great work!!
Thank you sooooo much, Excellent work again!
Everything was delivered before promised. He was very understanding with my lack of the process and even did double work to ensure that everything was done correctly, and didn't even charge me another Gig. I would highly recommend South Beach Geek for your website design... Thanks again.
Southbeachgeek worked quickly and answered all of my questions. For 5 bucks, this is incredible! We've been looking into getting our website started for months, now we have a design and format in less than 48 hours... thanks southbeachgeek!



Some of the best designed websites on the internet have just one or two pages. Some of the worst developed websites have hundreds of pages. When building your website many factors will be considered based on previous websites which were developed in a similar genre or category as your own. Thankfully we do not have to simply guess.

[gallery columns="4" link="none" ids="2969,2968,2967,2966,2965,2964,2962,2963,2961,2960,2959,2958,2957,2956,2955,2954,2953,2952,2951,2950,2949,2948,2947,2946"]

We have the data to know what works and we have the experience to avoid failure. If your goal is to sell a product then we will use a particular style layout or certain colors which compliment the sentiment of making a purchase. If your goal is to obtain new subscribers to a mailing list then we may take your website in an entirely different direction.

Consider this while work is being done on your project. Your opinions and feedback is very much appreciated but our first goal is to make sure that your website is successful. The success of your business is just as important as the success of SouthBeachGeek. What happens when your website succeeds? You tell your associates about your success. This can turn into referrals and this also ensures that you continue on as a valued customer.


Enjoying this Thanksgiving 2014 with my family and friends because every moment with family is a gem.

Unlike the one-time sale pricing model that is often used where a website will be sold to a client and developed at a one-time flat upfront price, the web development company is not liable for any success or failure of your website. If your website succeeds then that's great but if your website fails they have lost nothing at all due to the fact that they have already collected on the cost of your project.

If this makes sense to you then you're probably starting to see the value of the 17.95 monthly pricing model.



It's true! As soon as I changed my pricing model I was flooded with work and appreciation from clients around the world. I'd like to show you how to create the same level of success in your business. Men and women from countries around the world agree that my services are worth the money. In fact if you asked they would probably tell you that I'm under charging for my services!


What does that mean to you? It means we can work together. It means no matter where in the world you live we can still setup an amazing website. No it's not required to live in my country, state, or city to work with me. In fact where you live is probably one of the least important factors. As long as you have a way to communicate your project ideas to me whether by e-mail, phone, skype, viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, or any other method. That's all it takes to get started!

I am currently servicing web design clients from around the world: South Korea, China, India, United Arab Emirates, Kenya, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Egypt, Nigeria, Spain, Greece, Italy, Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, United States, Canada and so many others!


Days like these make all these hours spent in front of a computer worthwhile, the ocean offers unlimited inspiration.


Even though we may (or may not) live on opposite sides of the planet we can still get to know each other. In fact understanding who I am and what my interests are may help you to realize that building a huge network of customers for your product or service is something anyone can do with a little knowledge. Aside from my ability to do great things online I'd say that I'm a pretty ordinary guy who has simply learned how to use the Internet in special ways.

"I will use my skills to help you and your ideas succeed. I know that we can create something incredible together and I look forward to helping you accomplish all of your goals."


It's true I could have probably chose a number of other fields to go into. But something about web development attracted me early on. I was interested in computers long before there was an Internet or World Wide Web. But somehow I knew I would be working with computers in a way that would inspire people. I use to make small little slideshow presentations on my computer and dream of one day showing these slide shows to people. Back then I figured I'd just lug a huge computer around and present my amazing slide shows to people one at a time. This was of course before laptops and tablets existed.

I felt like technology in general was very exciting. It was a new way to interact and communicate your messages and ideas to the world around you. This interest grew over time as I explored coding, 3d modeling, marketing concepts, and depend my understanding of how this new technology could be used to shape the world around us.


My first solo art exhibition during Art Basel Miami. If I had to choose a different path I would probably focus on painting.

These decades of hard work, studying, trial and error have turned me into a website making machine. There isn't a piece of software that can do the things that I've learned how to do through years of constant study. In fact the things that I do online aren't even being taught in schools yet because most of the techniques I use are considered best kept secrets among professional web developers.

You know what they say: "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach." Don't hire a student who just got out of school. They are still learning and were probably mean well but lack the practical skills to bring you the results you need. It's not anyone's fault. It's just the way things work. I won't teach you how to do what I do. Instead I will do it for you so that you can enjoy the results.

Finding a skilled web developer who is established, trustworthy and has hundreds of clients giving testimony to their skill as a web developer is like hitting the jackpot. So I invite you to cash in now while you're here. Fortune favors the bold so take action right now and let's get started!




What are the odds that you're find someone else willing to make you this offer? Not very likely and if you and I were sitting in a coffee shop and I offered to take care of setting up your entire website for just $17.95 you would be jumping up and down... you're paying only 11 cents an hour for a full-time web developer!